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Sourdough pancakes

Someone bitten my pancake this morning, I look around and see only a happy mom!

Does what you eat bring you joy? I think its one of the most important aspect of eating, and this recipe is definelty one of the best vegan pancake I've made in a long time.

Most of the time they are not very soft and fluffy and now I've found the solution in an amazing ingredient: Acquafaba.

if you haven't ear about it before, welcome to the club. It was something new also for me, but I've found out the great properties it has.

Acquafaba is practically the cooking water of chickpeas! Oh, you could say... I don't want my pancake taste of beans!

Thats the best part. Its flavorless, so you can literally use it in all the recipe you like.

So now lets see how to make our breakfast!

Ingredients for two: -80 gr brown rice flour and 80gr verna wheat (you can also replace them, important they are wholegrain!) -50 gr mother yeast (if you don't have it, put instant yeast or come through here 😉) - pinch vanilla and cardamom -2 tablespoons mixed berries (goji, aronia, raisins, ...) - vegetable milk (just enough for a creamy texture) -1 teaspoon of barley malt or maple syrup - pinch salt -150 ml acquafaba (What is this?Read above) -1 Ripe Mango, kiwi, banana,... -Fresh mint -soy yogurt

-halva (sweet sesame paste)

Method: The night before, dissolve the mother yeast in a little lukewarm milk (150ml more if needed) , add the malt and slowly add the flour with vanilla and cardamom and then the salt. Refrigerate for the night In the morning, take it out as soon as you wake up and when you are ready for breakfast, whip the acquafaba for 8-10 minutes and incorporate it gently. Heat a pan with a little olive or coconut oil and shape your pancakes!

Serve with fruit and yogurt, halva and fresh mint leaves.

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