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Amaranth Choco Porridge

Ever heard about Amaranth?

If you have any Aztec relative maybe you have!

With more calcium than milk, native from Central and South America, known for its incredible adaptation capacity it grows even in poor soil and drought conditions.

Excellent source of protein, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

And incredible creaminess once cooked!

Let's se how to cook this little guy:

Ingredients (1 person):

-80gr Amaranth (soaked at least 6 hrs)

-2 tbsp (or more) cocoa powder

-2 cardamom pods (or powder)

-vanilla powder

-sprinkle salt

-fresh almond milk (or any other plant based variation)



-chocolate granola (optional)


Pour 200ml milk and 100 ml water in a pan, with crushed cardamom pods, vanilla, salt,

cocoa powder. Let come to soft boil.

Add drained Amaranth and cover.

Cook 20 min, stir frequently and add more milk if necessary.

Serve with dates, orange, granola and plant milk.

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