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Business Yoga

What makes you a successful entrepreneur?

Being able to concentrate, in order to solve problems, to make strategic decisions, good entrepreneurs can set priorities, focus their attention on one thing.

But first and foremost to see clearly and being able to perceive things that others could not see.

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Why Business Yoga?​

Entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, successful people like Oprah,Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter), Bill Ford (Ford Motor Company), Jeff Weiner (CEO LinkedIn) and companies like Adidas, IBM, Nike, HBO, Forbes, and Apple all introduced yoga for themselves and for their employees.

A healthy company has motivated employees, with the intention to reach the full potential.

Yoga has nothing to do with spirituality or autosuggestion, is about perceiving life in a clear state of mind. 

Dealing with stress, anger, meetings, calls, constant interruptions, anger, multitasking, worries or even conflicts.

Yoga can help you respond in the right way in every situation, even the most difficult ones.

Stay calm and relaxed, take decision not driven by compulsive emotions.


You need yoga

The success of yoga is based on the holistic view of life.

Everything is interconnected and influences one another. 

Yoga steady the mind, strengthen the body and harmonise the nervous system.




Your ability to concentrate is increased

Andrew Carnegie secret of his fast success was very simple; being able to maintain his focus on one thing for 5 minutes at a stretch.

Consciously focusing on one thing makes you more efficient and productive on the things that really matter.


More energy

Breathing exercises have been shown to increase your physical energy, improve your sleeping quality and decision making.


Be more clear on important decision

Meditation ensures emotional balance for all hormonal and immunological bodies. Learn to listen from your intuition.


Optimise your time

When your mind is spinning, your wasting important time.

By training the mind like any other muscle, you let go of the useful thoughts.

With Yoga you find focus, calm and direct your attention to the NOW.


Create a team with the same purposes

Strengthen the sense of community. The calm and focus that yoga can bring in a team will determine the results of their actions.

Practicing Yoga, especially meditation helps to find your “Why”.

Why you do what you do,  whats your higher purpose.


Immune system and capacity of regeneration from the body increases

A regular yoga exercises increase the proportion of immune cells flowing in the blood by up to 20%.

What I can do for you:

1:1 Online/in person personalised program

Contact me to organise a call

Yoga for your Business

10 appointments, for your employees and your company.

"How powerful it can be to introduce just ten minutes of meditation to your day". I just wish to anyone to have this profound experience.

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