And you?

When will you begin that long journey into yourself? 



Become the maker of your own destiny 

If you were to meet me, you would soon discover that I speak from my heart.

So, when I tell you that Yoga changed my life, you can believe it!

As Yoga teacher Im here to help you to move better, feel better, and live better through the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Learn how to have a better relationship with yourself, how to approach life in a new different way.

Practice with me

Mare calmo
A deeper personalised 1:1 Yoga journey.
Discover the full range of yoga practice to transform your life.
Yoga sulla spiaggia
Practice with other people, different practices, themes and intensity to choose from.
incontro d'affari
Yoga for Entrepreneurs and companies

Yoga Therapy 

online Group classes

Business Yoga

Your time,

your place.

Simple solution for your own needs.

Connect with any of your devices, wherever you are.


My Vision

Life is a gift,

and each one of us is here to fulfill it's own Dharma.


My vision is to share and inspire people through the science of Yoga based on movement, nutrition and mindset,  to be able toperceive life more clearly and unleash our full potential.

There is no separation, 

everything is connected.



Free Yoga practice, healthy recipes and lifestyle tips

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