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The chocolate dream crepes

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Ever dreamed chocolate? To eat without feeling guilty?

All my recipe are healthy and with the right balance between ingredients but this spread as no rivals in terms of deliciousness.

The special about it is that is made with beans, so its like a sweet Hummus that you can combine with your favorite cake, sourdough toast or just by licking the entire bowl.

Recipe for the Chocolate Bean Spread

Ingredients for the Vegan Chocolate Crepes (for two people):

- 160 gr buckwheat flour

- 1 tbsp grounded flax seed

- Plant Based Milk

-2 tbspCocoa powder

- vanilla

-sprinkle of salt


Mix everything with a blender to create a creamy consistence, adjust milk and chocolate if needed and let sit while heating up the pan.

Use some coconut oil and prepare you best crepe version.

I sprinkled on top some hemps heart and some extra hazelnut butter.

Enjoy with some red orange or any other seasonal fruit.

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