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Inhale deeply...

...exhale completely.

and nowYoga

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Everything is connected

With the tools that yoga gives us, improve the relation you have with your body, learn to listen to yourself, finding calm and clarity. Ready to grasp the new, to detach yourself from the past and old habits.

Discover your spark within you, the joy of going beyond your mental limitation and express your true power in every field of life.


There is nothing new: the answers come from the great traditions of the past.

Nutrition, Movement, Meditation and Breathing are all linked together.

Combining the western and eastern vision in a single way, that of a long life and well-being.

7-Day Free Beginner Classes

Yoga comes from the word union.

Union of what?

Union with my body, withy breath, with my emotions and with the Universe.

We're are intrinsically connected with the world out there, but we only perceive 0,03 % of it.

Imagine what else is out there that your sense cannot grasp.

Yoga is here to open the perception of life.

It is therefore not just a sequence of positions but much more.

Is a science, which provides us with tools to learn how to use our body and mind to its fullest potential.

To finally express ourself and being able to grasp all what life has in store for us.

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Why Yoga ? 

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Breath is our most important source of energy.

And the way we breathe also deeply affects our mind.

It's the connection between mind and body, a bridge between the conscious and subconscious.

Try to notice when you're angry, how is your breathing? Short, irregular high towards the collarbone and shoulders.

When are you relaxed instead? You will notice that the breath will be mainly in the diaphragmatic area and therefore slower and deeper.

By going to work through specific exercises in a conscious way we will release the trapped energy, balancing and bringing harmony to our life.

If I tell you that meditation is the biggest gift you can make yourself everyday?

Become conscious that you are a mighty being, beyond right and wrong, beyond the dogmas and expectations.

You have the power to choose.

Meditation is the tool you have to know yourself.

Our mind is closely related to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Meditation is a real powerful tool to become the maker of your own destiny.

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Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation?”

He replied, “Nothing!”

Then he continued, “However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and fear of old age an death.

e ora...Yoga - cosa ci siamo persi?
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