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Pasta al pomodoro viola

This is really a surprise, really. I can already see you face while you taste the result.

What Im talking about is a Red beet sauce for your pasta, risotto, pizza, or wherever you want!

Well, you will think whats so special about that?

Tomatoes, you know the classic tomato sauce used for so much Italian dishes, well thats the flavor I was trying to have, just that I don't have the tomatoes right know, cause is not season.

So what I combined is the beauty of red beet and pumpkin, together with spices to get this absolutely incredible pasta al pomodoro viola!


-1 medium Red Beet

-2 white onions

-250 gr pumpkin

-10 gr umeboshi vinegar

-pinch of salt

-1 tsp oregano

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Heat oil in a pan, add the tiny sliced onion.

Let sizzle for couple of minute, then add the large cubed pumpkin, and the tiny cubed red beet.

Give it a stir and lastly add the umeboshi vinegar, salt, oregano and water till is just covered.

Cover and let cook for 35-45 minutes.

If necessary remove excess water (for a more creamy consistency) and blend.

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