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Glass of Goodness

I was used to eat my breakfast from a bowl, but since I started to use glasses I discovered a very new way of preparing overnight oats, eating with our eyes first definitely applies here.

Probably you've heard about Tiramisù, the Italian layered dessert. Well I've applied the same idea to my overnight oats; prepare the base, a cream, compose, and let sit the night to firm, enhance flavor and let magic happen.

Ingredients (for one person):

-80 gr rolled oats (or any other flaked or coarsely milled grain you prefer)

-plant milk

-2 tbsp organic yogurt (soy, coconut or animal based)




-chia seeds jam

-almond butter

-coconut flakes


Method (to prepare the night before):

Prepare the chia seed jam in a little bowl (2 tbsp chia seeds, vanilla, 5-6 mashed strawberries)

Prepare the cream; Combine and mix well oats, vanilla, yogurt, plant milk and raisins.

Take a glass and put some chia jam, some cutted strawberries, and some yogurt, then some oat cream, another layer of chia jam, and again oat cream with strawberries.

Place in the fridge till morning.

Add some banana on top, coconut flakes and almond butter.

Be sure to eat it with a long spoon, so that you can reach the bottom while eating it.

Awesome also to take away!

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