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Couscous Oriental dream

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Present on every table in Maroccan and Middle East cuisine, with his nutty and sweet flavor is perfect side or main dish.

Made with durum wheat the same as pasta, (yes couscous is not a grain by itself) is very fast to cook but also very easy to get a wishy-washy result.

What I found very interesting is the wholegrain cous cous, it takes around 5-10 min to get ready and is slight bigger than the instant one.

For you today I have this CousCous porridge cooked with oranges, dates, pistachios and black tahini.

Let's see how to get it ready.

Ingredients (one person):

-80 gr Wholegrain Cous Cous

-140 ml Plant based milk (your choice)



-Pinch of Salt

-Black Tahini







Wash and drain your CousCous, heat a pot and toast for couple of minute the grains.

Add the spices, salt, plant milk and little water.

Cover and let cook 5-10 min.

Check frequently after 5 minutes otherwise it will overcook, we want it "al dente".

When ready let it rest for another 5 minutes.

Serve with the Orange, banana slices, dates, pistachios, pomegranate and a good amount of Tahini.


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