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Weekly Online classes

A Yoga that goes beyond the mat, which I will help you bring into everyday life.

Learn to be centered, internally stable even in times of stress and change.

We work on the physical, mental and emotional level with an immediate effect of well-being.


Practicing it consistently will transform your life.

Why is this Yoga different?

Yoga is not the same for everyone, so it is risky for the student to choose the practices.

I'm here to guide you in choosing the most suitable for you.

Yoga wants to accompany you in your life and to be by your side when you need it most.

Personal relationship

You will have my direct contact so that I can answer your questions and a better relationship between student and teacher can arise.

What if I am a beginner?

Whatever your experience with Yoga is if you feel you are ready, I will be happy to guide you safely on this journey of discovery.

What style do I teach?

I follow a lineage of ancient Indian teachers, based on a progressive method. This means that each practice is studied and one is built on the other.

My practice is based on Hatha Yoga to which I also integrate other styles.

What can you expect?

Life is constantly changing, so the schedule will change every month, because we need different practices at different times.

Classes of various lengths for every moment of the day according to your needs.


The practices will take place on the Zoom platform, with access via a personal link.

Single class


Join the class of your choice

Monthly Subscription 


Have access to all the lesson you want.


I am happy you are here, let me briefly explain why this Yoga is different.

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Calendar January 2022

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