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The Sun hidden inside

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Open the window and listen to the parrots whistle, the sea shore, the warm and humid weather from some tropical place, I can almost feel the mosquito all around me...

Ok, let's keep the mosquito out of our Tropical Breakfast Bowl.

My father was back from Thailand and no keychains, postcards or T-shirts as souvenir, but a basket full of fruit directly from the market of Phuket.

I have a generous friend also in my garden, that every July blossom and gift me with tons of mulberry!

So this is my recipe:



-Plant based milk

-vanilla & cardamom powder






-Fresh mint leaves

-grounded flax seeds


Soak Millet in water for a couple of hours at least. Want to know why? Read this.

Cook with plant milk, cardamom and vanilla powder.

Top with fresh fruit, mint, grounded flax seed and mint leaves.

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