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Quinoa richest bowl

It'a that time of the year nature fascinated me with all the colors of its fruits.

Its mid march already and the birds chirping outside are my background "music" all day long.

I decided to reunite this in my today morning breakfast

Quinoa was the perfect "grain" (better defined as pseudo-grain) for this recipe, crunchy texture and fluffy at the same time.

How to cook quinoa its an important procedure to get the best result, follow my guide here.

Ingredients (one person):

-80 gr Quinoa

- plant based milk

-vanilla & cardamom

-pinch salt

-almond butter

Rasperries Chia Pudding (to prepare at least 30 min in advance)

-handful of raspberries

-plant based milk


-date syrup

Fruit (of course you can use the one you have in season right now in the place you live, but remember we want a colorful bowl)

-yellow & green kiwis





First whisk together the Chia Pudding ingredients.

Then cook with the right method explained here the quinoa with plant based milk, salt and spices.

Add extra sweetness you you prefer.

garnish with fruit and some almond butter and the raspberries chia pudding.

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