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Overnight Tiramisù glass

Tiramisù don't need presentation, but this healthier version is your perfect treat for tomorrow breakfast.

Are you a coffee lover? Then don't even read further go straight to the recipe description.

This breakfast must be done the day before


-80 gr oats

-organic greek yogurt

-pinch vanilla



-1 shot espresso

For the cream:

-2 tbsp soaked cashew

-150 gr cottage cheese

- 2 tbsp organic greek yogurt

-3 tbsp coconut milk

-2 dates

Chia chocolate pudding (to make at least 30 min earlier):

-2 tbsp chia seeds

-6 tbsp plant based milk

-1 or 2 tbsp cocoa powder

-sweeter if needed

Method (assembly):

Soak oats overnight with espresso shot, vanilla, 2 tbsp greek yogurt, 1/2 mashed banana, crushed almonds.

Make the cream:

Blend all the ingredients together

Make the chia:

Whisk all the ingredients together

Combine the layers:

Oats, cream, oats again, cream and put in the fridge overnight.

In the morning take out from the fridge a bit earlier, add the chia pudding and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top

If you are also a chocolate lover, add some extra crushed on top.

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