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Autumn the time to listen

Aggiornamento: 28 ott 2021

Welcome to the months of cuddles, thousands colors, wine and harvest. But also that time of the year to release the excess, and replenish your energy with warm and cozy food.

*Not all the places are the same, so depending on where you find yourself in the world, you can feel more or less the qualities described below.

Ayurveda and modern science teaches us that our body is in constant change, so are the seasons and everything in our world.

By embracing this changes and starting to adapt to Nature gifts we can easily move with it and not against it, using some simple techniques we can learn to easily flow with life.

Our body talks to us, the symptoms we have are the first sign of imbalances in our system.

By learning to see and read this manifestations we can take action, respond in the right way to balance and protect our well being.

If you find yourself stucked, tired, sore, fatigued in this season probably your Vata has took over.

Insomnia, inability to relax, low appetite, impulsiveness, worry, anxiety, lack of mental focus, overactive mind, this are all physical and mental symptoms of aggravation of Vata.

Even if now you don’t understand it so well, your body keeps speaking to you and autumn is the right season to learn to listen to it.

The Month of Vata

Wind is one of the predominant force you can associate with Autumn.

It moves, its cold, its rough and dry.

And this are also the predominant qualities of Vata, formed by the element of Air and Space.

You can feel it by simply observing Nature out there and refine the perception of your senses.

Cold feet and hands, more dark hours, need for warm and detoxifying food and the necessity to replenish the energy you’ve spent during the summer.

Maybe you’ve already adopted changes based on your local climate, the truth and beauty is that unconsciously we adapt, but by bringing more awareness to it we can really empower us to respond to daily and seasonal changes to rebalance the system and flow with it.

What is your predominant dosha?

You can do a online quiz to understand what is your predominant constitutional dosha (you can simply google it). But a refined result in only held by a Ayurvedic doctor, able to read your pulse.

An indication for Vata: Often have long, thin frames, narrow shoulders and hips as well as small, or petite, facial features. Hair tends to be quite dry, maybe curly or frizzy. Often have cold hands and toes, and prefer to live in a warm or humid climate.

(How I already said this is not 100% accurate also because most of the times we are a mix of at least two doshas).

What is your constitutional dosha could determine your state in this particular season.

If you are for example constitutionally Vata, in Autumn (Vata season) its more easier that your Vata increases and aggravate.

So how to take care of yourself and balance your system?


Stay warm, drink, calm down and rest more.

1- Eat food that warms your body and soul.

Prefer warm over cold, use cooking methods that gives hot qualities to the food like oven, steaming, roasting, etc.

Nourish yourself with rich energetic food, it should not be misunderstood as heavy, instead easy and light to digest but rich in nutrients, vitamins, and from high quality sources.

Foods to prefer:

Fall is a colourful season, rich in fruits and vegetables still from the late summer, so choose for colors that express warmth (orange, yellow, red) like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, persimmons, beetroot but also dark greens vegetables and of course seasonal fruit and vegetables.

2- Use candles (specially in the dark hours) when dining, in bath, in your office. Warm lights gives a deep sense of relaxation.

3- Give yourself that extra love you deserve, specially for your skin.

Massage your feet before bed and your body after a shower maybe with natural oils (sesame, olive)

4-Sleep for the time you need, go to bed before midnight (better before 11p.m.) to have a good and regenerative rest.

5-Take time for yourself, instead of moving in every direction.

Reduce the amount of rushing and productivity and for example go for a walk, take a sauna, practice a calming and grounding Yoga practice and meditation (below you’ll find more).

6-Wear colourful clothes

7-Listen to some chill acoustic music, and sing along if you like!

8-When cooking prepare all the ingredients with the right care and attention

9-Pick some wild flower, and decorate the table

Emotionally stable

After the expansive summer, this season accompanies us in a journey into ourself.

A journey to our heart, our Soul.

Autumn can be very beautiful with sunny days and blue clear sky and still a bit melancholic.

Leaf are falling, the day are shorter, temperatures begin to drop and can happen that this leaves us a feeling of emptiness and insecurity.

It's then time to ask ourself, how do we stay? How is our energy? Are we happy? Satisfied? Relaxed? Or are we rushing and nervous?

This is the time to ask this questions.

I’ve prepared a meditation for you to re-establish a sense of grounding, stability and inner peace.

You can have access to it by simply living your email in the subscription box for my mailing list.

If something happen in a way you have not programmed, try to see the other face of that situation.

Let go. Enjoy this time of the year also to accept and learn that there is nothing such as perfection.



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