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Food & Lifestyle

Plant Based, Seasonal, Authentic and Delicious healthy recipes.

For an incredible energy & a strong, flexible and balanced body

Respecting Nature and fully enjoying it.

What I offer

Discover my latest creations and
make your own



No diet,

just fun

Learn to eat better,
not less


Personal natural chef for events

Private cooking


Discover italian healthy cooking culture trough authentic recipes

Cooking classes

Buy from the local organic market, and learn to prepare Italian natural recipes


More than just eating...

“You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car.”

 Harvey Diamond

Adding instead of remove, rediscover the taste for authentic flavors through natural food.

Today it is not easy to understand what is right to eat, yet the answer is simple.

It is in our body, it knows better than anyone what gives us energy.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins and minerals. But knowing what to put on the plate and in which combinations the ancient traditions of the world teach us.

Without taking away flavor, aroma, and taste, we will enhance our taste buds, redefining our palate in a complete, more nutritious and never felt before way.

There is only one thing... once you try this new lifestyle you will never go back.

Don't believe it? Contact me for a free consultation.

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Whats for breakfast tomorrow?

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Bring to you all the beauty of a natural lifestyle

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